About Us

The NeuroSensory Center of Austin is a specialty medical facility for the diagnosis and treatment of a wide array of neurosensory and neuroimmune disorders such as dizziness, imbalance, chronic headaches, autism, sensory integration, fibromyalgia, immune system dysfunction, nervous system and neurological issues that accompany them, allergy testing and treatment, viral disease, mitochondrial disorder, MTHFR polymorphisms and genetic weaknesses.

Our centers also have a special interest in developmental delay, ADHD, speech delay, and learning difficulties in children and providing specialized care for athletes that are experiencing Post-Concussion Syndrome or academic problems.

Since its foundation in 2002, the NeuroSensory Center of Austin has gained an international reputation for empathy, compassion and excellence in the diagnosis and treatment of patients and disorders that other facilities cannot effectively treat. At the NeuroSensory Center of Austin, our clinic utilizes the most advanced technology and the latest research to help identify the “source” of our patient’s disorder. Our diagnostic system, Sensory View, provides an integrated and easy-to-read graphical illustration of the patient’s neurosensory system.

With this modern day technology, our physicians are able to identify the source of your neurosensory issue and customize a treatment plan based upon your objective tests results. And since our clinics are specialized medical facilities, nearly all of our diagnostic tests are insurance reimbursable.

At the NeuroSensory Center of Austin, we not only focus on the health of the sensory systems, but we also evaluate the immunological, hormonal, and nutritional status of the individual. Our physicians’ goal is to significantly improve your quality of life by treating the “source” of your disorder, not the symptoms. Our patients have traveled from over 35 different states and seven different countries to be seen by our physicians since we offer hope to those that feel hopeless.  We would consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to help you or one of your family members.

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