Sensory View Test

An inability to effectively measure the sensory function of the nervous system is a problem that has plagued physicians and therapists alike.  The Sensory Integration Spectrum disorders clinically represent multiple stages of sensory input dysfunction.  Until recently, proper definition of these fluctuating disorders has been the domain of only experienced therapists and in many ways these definitions have lacked the support of physicians.

Dr. Stewart’s advanced clinical research has developed a revolutionary diagnostic methodology of combining multiple diagnostic procedures into one platform providing an intuitive and reliable validation of the functional status of the nervous system.

This diagnostic method has allowed significant clinical advancement in the diagnosis and treatment of many poorly understood neurological disorders that are difficult to diagnose including dizziness, imbalance, vertigo, post-concussion syndrome, processing disorders and the sensory integration spectrum of disorders. Sensory-View’s™ focus is to provide easy to interpret, reliable, and objective measurement of the sensory and reflex function of the nervous system making it easy for therapists, physicians and parent/patients to follow.


This method has also provided the first “evidence based” proof of the ability to medically improve and stabilize the sensory function of the nervous system thereby allowing much greater functional improvement from therapeutic intervention.  The Sensory-View™ diagnostics are used at pre-defined intervals during treatment to give objective measurements of a patient’s progress. The Sensory-View™ analysis allows therapists to customize their treatment protocols and justify therapeutic needs during treatment.