It has been well documented that there is now an epidemic increase in the neurological syndromes, which include ADD/ADHD, and are collectively known as “Autistic Spectrum Disorders”. Since the early 1970’s, there has been a remarkable increase of more than 15% in the number of children diagnosed with these disorders.

These children can appear:

  • clumsy
  • uncoordinated
  • slow
  • unfocused
  • distractible
  • short term memory loss
  • anxious
  • hyperactive
  • aggressive
  • dynamic
  • general difficulty with fine motor skills and social interactions

Despite the numerous named syndromes in this category, these disorders are all related to an abnormal function of two primary areas of the brain:

(1) The processor (Reticular Activating System)
(2) The emotional center (Limbic System)

These two areas in essence control the speed of all cognitive and reflex functions and are responsible for behavior, mood and activity level.

Dr. Stewart’s advanced clinical research has developed a revolutionary diagnostic methodology of combining multiple diagnostic procedures into one platform providing an intuitive and reliable validation of the functional status of the nervous system.

This diagnostic method has allowed significant clinical advancement in the diagnosis and treatment of many poorly understood neurological disorders that are difficult to diagnose including dizziness, imbalance, vertigo, post-concussion syndrome, processing disorders and the sensory integration spectrum of disorders. Sensory-View’s™ focus is to provide easy to interpret, reliable, and objective measurement of the sensory and reflex function of the nervous system making it easy for therapists, physicians and parent/patients to follow.