Chronic Headaches / Migraines

Studies indicate that “headache” is among the three most common chronic reasons for patients to seek the help of a doctor. Recent diagnostic advances have revealed that most chronic headaches arise from abnormalities in the sensing and/or delivery of the electrical information in the nervous system.

Most patients do not typically appear ill to their doctor, friends or family. They are often viewed as being hypochondriacs, chronic complainers and many patients are labeled as “problem patients” by their doctors. Although their problems are real, some patients may even be told “it’s all in your head” or “you need to see a psychiatrist”.

The NeuroSensory Center of Austin is equipped with the proprietary Sensory-View™ system which allows our specialist physicians to rapidly identify the source of your nervous system abnormality, assess the status and focus their treatment directly on the abnormal system. The Sensory-View also allows our experts to objectively track your recovery and customize the best program for your individual needs.