Concussions / Mild Head Injury

  • Have you suffered a concussion or mild head injury?
  • Are you not feeling performing as well following a “bell ringer”?
  • Has your vision or balance seemed “off”?
  • Have friends or family members noticed a difference in your personality or memory?
  • Have you noticed increased pain in your knees/ankles/back following a mild head injury?

A concussion injury is defined as a rapid deceleration event (hitting your head, whiplash) that causes abnormal symptoms of the nervous system including poor vision, dizziness, headaches, imbalance, neck pain, clumsiness, anxiety, depression, short-term memory loss, poor concentration, cognitive abnormalities and decreased fine motor skills. The severity of symptoms can range from minor to completely “life changing”.

Some patients who develop “Post Concussion Syndromes” do not seek help for months or even years following the injury because they are completely unaware of the connection between their symptoms and the injury. Patients and families can be quite confused by the changes in cognition, mood and overall quality of life.

The NeuroSensory Center of Austin is equipped with the proprietary Sensory-View system which allows our specialist physicians to rapidly identify the source of your nervous system abnormality, assess the status and focus their treatment directly on the abnormal system. The Sensory-View also allows our experts to objectively track your recovery and customize the best program for your individual needs.